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Discuss LGBTQ+ with Children

Discuss LGBTQ+ with Children is designed as a way to engage children aged 6+ in conversations around relationships, marriage, gender, and sexuality. We were inspired to make these by the conversations that are happening in the Church of England at the moment through the Living in Love and Faith project, but feel free to leave out the prayers and/or the final session if you don’t want to engage with this from a faith perspective.


There are four sessions based on children’s books, which you can buy to read together, or engage with via the videos. Please do buy the books (and support small businesses) if you are able, but the videos are there for you if this isn’t an option.


The questions in each session are graded, so we recommend working through them in order, and if you find that the children in your context are struggling, you can stop at that question and move onto the project.


You can also use the questions on the Discuss LGBTQ+ website/app/book to continue discussions, if appropriate, although please bear in mind that many of these questions were written for a slightly older audience, so discretion is advised.

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